Our laboratories have different setups for catalytic tests, characterisation and catalysts preparation.

FTIR spectrometer Nicolet with in-situ cell

This unit is used for characterisation of the catalysts by analysis of the spectra of the samples without and in the presence of probe molecules (CO, Py...) 

Photo reactor.jpeg

Xe lamp Newport with home made reactor with quartz window

This unit is used for photocatalytic tests in activation of CH4 and CO2 over catalysts

Catalytic setup with 3 parallel millifixed reactors with on-line analysis of products

Setup for Steady State Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA)

large autocalve reactor.png

Batch autoclave reactors of different size


Pilot Hall with high pressure catalytic reactors


Lab High Pressure Photoreactor fromXi'an Taikang Biotechnology Co.,Ltd 


Bruker Scion  456 TQ GC/MS/MS

Combined GC and GC-MS analysis for fast and correct identification of the products after reaction


Catalytic setup with on-line GC analysis of products

Operating condtions:

P=1-40 bar